Maya Morena

Maya Morena is an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, a sex worker, and DREAMer. She was part of the first ever sex worker giving circle at Third Wave Fund. She divides her time between activism, work, and family. 

Fera Lorde

Fera Lorde has been a sex worker for 15 years. Having started working as a homeless youth at the time when Cyntoia Brown was arrested and sentenced, Fera strives to uplift people in criminalized survival trades of all backgrounds. They first dove into activism while working with Plan International in Cairo, Egypt in 2008, working to provide alternative income options, creative therapy, and economic skill learning for trafficked children without displacing their agency as individuals. They’ve seen and experienced first hand the violence done by criminalization, and believe strongly in the power of interdependent community organizing as a tool for eradicating systemic hierarchical violence. 


Fera is a full time artist. Their work excavates images of death, pain, sex, grief, and catharsis across sound, film, and visual art. In conversation with Romani and Quileute ancestry and queer and sex working lineages, their work is abstract and subliminal. They’ve survived 8 near death experiences, existing in a constant flux between reality and the void, and strive to bridge a dialogue between both realms. Their work has been featured across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Central America.

Tracy Abla
Tracy affectionately got her name during her travels through Turkey where she participated in a project to raise funds for Small Projects Istanbul that helps Syrian refugees in Istanbul. "Abla" translates to "elder sister," a term of endearment from a teenage girl from Aydın that she befriended. 
She has worked in many different areas of the sex industry (both legal and criminalized). Though currently focused mainly on sex worker and labor rights, Tracy has a long history working in non-profits and grassroots activism. Since 2005, she’s worked in companion-animal welfare & humane education, assisting with cruelty investigations, and specializing in enrichment care for cats & dogs.

Her focus later shifted to foreign aid and sex worker rights in 2015, first by heading the fundraising campaign for Books Not Bombs Myanmar, and later by organizing harm-reduction efforts after the passing of SESTA-FOSTA.

Tracy is also a multi-media artist & performer who's work addresses misogyny, transphobia, political satire and the abject body. Her mediums have included sculpture,  painting, photography, and installation art. Currently, she’s excited about the prospect of producing shows to fund raise for non-profits and sex worker mutual-aid funds.
Kate Zen

Kate is a community organizer with Red Canary. She's also a software engineer and instructor by day, and a happy volunteer at the Bluestockings bookstore.

Kate has been participating in sex worker organizing in the U.S., Canada, and the UK since 2007. Since age 13, she's been involved with Chinatown neighborhood advocacy, and labor organizing with migrant domestic workers and street vendors. Kate is supporting the early stages of Chinese migrant massage worker organizing at Red Canary, which is modeled after Butterfly in Toronto. Her political views on race, gender, sexuality, policing, and carceral politics, are deeply shaped by the writing and activism of Andrea Ritchie, Streetwise and Safe, INCITE, and Allied Media Projects. She worked with LGBTQ youth engaged in sex trades at Streetwise and Safe, and as a Community Artist at Sketch, facilitating arts workshops with homeless and marginalized youth.

Enamored with technology and statistics for public policy, Kate collaborates on Hacking/Hustling, in partnership with Eyebeam, to develop research and data tools that demonstrate the negative impacts of SESTA-FOSTA. She freelances with Data Automatica, a radical tech collective that creates digital tools for movement-building, and contributes as a writer for various publications.

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