Watch the interview with our June guest,

Jo Weldon: Author, Activist, & Headmistress at the NY School of Burlesque

Our latest guest, Jo Weldon is the Headmistress of the NY School of Burlesque.

Take a class, see a show and read more of her writing:


Books by Jo Weldon:

The Burlesque Handbook

Fierce: The history of Leopard Print

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Special thanks to the volunteers and staff at Bluestockings, a collectively-owned radical bookstore. Please buy your books from there and consider becoming a member:


We also encourage our listeners to donate to SWOP Behind Bars which provides interdisciplinary community support (and books) for incarcerated sex workers:


Honorable Mentions


Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Carol Queen

Annie Sprinkle

Dolores French

Carol Leigh

Adrienne Maree Brown

Siobhan Brook’s interview with Angela Davis

Flushing Anti-Trafficking Panel (part 1):
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Sex Work Research

Books referenced in this video:

  • Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers' Rights - Juno Mac and Molly Smith

  • Brokered Subjects: Sex, Trafficking, and the Politics of Freedom - Elizabeth Bernstein

  • Modern Slavery: The Margins of Freedom - Julia O'Connell Davidson

  • Mobile Orientations: An Intimate Autoethnography of Migration, Sex Work, and Humanitarian Borders - Nicola Mai

  • Prostitution: Prevention and Reform in England 1862-1914 - Dr Paula Bartley


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Audio: / @BrainMachineNet

 Our first event at Bluestockings Bookstore with Melissa Gira Grant.

Watch the video of our event below:

Learn more about the current conditions of sex workers and the anti-trafficking movement:

Recently, two members of our book club (Maya Morena & Kate Zen) participated in a trafficking & migration panel (with Aya Tasaki Policy Director of WomanKind) speaking to the Peace & Social Action Committee (PSAC). The video below details Maya's personal story as an undocumented immigrant as well as her advocacy for the human rights of all immigrants and sex workers.

Originally this event was supposed to be a roundtable discussion between various diverse groups with widely differing positions on labor rights, migration, sex work and trafficking. Unfortunately, upon the release of the full participants list, all of the "anti-trafficking" organizations refused to participate in a panel which included an undocumented immigrant and sex worker, claiming that they did not want to be "associated in any illegal activity."

You can read more about Maya's experience and the details of this incident here.

Watch the rest of the Flushing Trafficking & Migrant Sex Work Panel (featuring Kate Zen & Aya Tasaki)

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